Tom Hackbart Tenor Sax

Tom is one of the original members of the band. As an attorney, he has become accustomed to wearing a suit, Just not one that glows in the dark. As he says " the two tones go with anything"

Dave Renaud Leader, Bari sax and Clarinet

Dave started  because of his passion for the big band sound. Through the years, we have put together an outstanding group of musicians with the same desire. "There's something magical when we play and get the foot a goin', Watching everyone enjoy watching what we do on stage makes it all worth while." 

                                Ben Olson Lead Alto sax

Ben teaches at UW Parkside and has been a solid leader to the section for more then 12 years. Ben's talent far exceeds his laid back attitude. You would never know how wild this guy gets when you put that horn in his hands.


Donny Lobacz Male Vocalist

Don is gracious enough to help us out when Tommy is busy doing that Theatre Stuff. We love having Don around with his quick wit and not so bad looks too! Always the charmer...


Saxes and Vocals

Pat Odell Lead Tenor sax

Pat joined the band a year after we started. He has been a key person and outstanding soloist. His drive and experience have helped set the band apart from the others. When he plays you can't help but appreciate his talent.

                                       Tommy Lueck Male Vocals

Oh our Tommy, The Voice of Swing Nouveau. The voice of Sinatra to Buble'. He can do it all. His personality goes as far as his talent. Both far above and beyond what us ordinary people think. Tommy's "Hey" just screams excitement.

Nada Mitich Alto sax and Clarinet

Nada has been with the band almost since Day One. Mild mannered med tech by day, when she puts on her suit and two tones she lets loose her inner swingin' cat. 

                           Lori Hake Female Vocal

We are so fortunate to have Lori sing with us when Barb cannot join us. She always seem to rise above everyone, might have something to do with the height of her heels on the shoes she wears.