Albert Abena Alto sax

Oh Albert, to say he does it all is an understatement. He sits in when needed but can play the alto, tenor, bari, clarinet, and pretty much everything else. Now if we can find a way to fit in his latest instrument......... the Bagpipes! (ugh) Now there are some arrangements to start looking for. Where's Michael Flatley?

Mick Heberling Drums

Mick has been the heartbeat of the band almost from day one. When he showed up, we knew we needed him behind the band. We love his intense approach with such famous quotes as "Yea, sure" "Whatever" and the always "Sounds Good" That's what we love about Mick, always the talker.


                                Dave Sturino Piano

Davey has been with us for more then 10 years. Between he and Jim on Piano, they both bring the rhythm to life. Not only does he bring a little more CRAZY fun to us, he knows how to swing and have a good time. "We love's ya' mun'"

Special guest appearances

Aaron Johnson

Aaron just joined up with us. Give it a little time for us to break him in so we don't scare him away, but so far he is off to a great start.